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Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Mystic Ark (Super Famicom)

La-Mulana (PC, 2005) via animatedscreenshots

Magical Vacation (GBA)

Trappers Tengoku Spy vs. Spy (GB)
vs. Nangoku Shirei!! Spy vs Spy (Famicom)

MOON remix rpg adventure (Switch) via @oniongames


Gekisha Boy (Photograph Boy) (PC Engine)

Smash Court (PSX)

Bonanza Bros. stage backgrounds (Megadrive)

NiGHTS into dreams... Japanese box art and logo (Sega Saturn) via The Video Game Art Archive

Bonanza Bros. English & Japanese calling cards (arcade)

Space Funeral (PC)

Il me semble parfois que mon sang coule à flots,
Ainsi qu'une fontaine aux rythmiques sanglots.
Je l'entends bien qui coule avec un long murmure,
Mais je me tâte en vain pour trouver la blessure.

Charles Baudelaire, La Fontaine du sang

La-Mulana (PC, 2005)

In the hot seat.

Aban Hawkins and the 1000 SPIKES

Bonanza Bros. opening sequence (arcade)

Good evening, boys... I've got a job for you that's right up your alley.

Dragon Warrior (NES) bad ending

Dark Half (Super Famicom) - translation by AGTP

LSD: Dream Emulator (PSX)

Arkanoid: Doh it Again box art (Super Famicom)

Spelunker II: Yuusha he no Chousen (Famicom) - translation by Sarysa

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